Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Favorite Thing

Sarah is again hosting another round of My Favorite Thing! Usually I try to pick something tangible like a book, tool, etc. But this week, I'm picking my BFF, Kim! Kim and I went to elementry, middle and high school together. And we roomed together in college. But we weren't actually good friends until college and best friends until sometime after college. It just took us a while to see the light I guess.

Kim and I at her wedding reception!

Anyway, on top of being my best friend in the world, she is an RN. So when I was stuck in the ER last week, she was working the ICU and came down to keep me company and help decipher all the medical jargon for me. She is also letting me borrow her blood pressure cuff so that I don't have to go to the doctor daily, I can monitor my blood pressure at home.

Kim and I at my wedding. Keeping me calm between hair and make-up and putting on the dress.

So thanks Kim for being a wonderful friend who makes my life SO much easier! I love ya girl!

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Brooke said...

you're a little underdress for your wedding aren't you? ;) j/k its great to have friends that are there for you no matter what.