Monday, October 13, 2008

Menu Planning Update!!

Today I swung by the bread store for $0.79 whole wheat buns for our hotdogs. Then I hit up Meijer and lo and behold, they were pulling out their reduced produce cart just as I walked in!!

I snagged:
6 still green bananas = $0.75
1/2lb mushrooms = $0.25
2lbs onions = $0.74
3 red and 5 green peppers = $1.15
.79lbs carrots = $0.32

THEN I remembered our local Spartan store is having a 3 day sale with eggs for $0.99/dozen. So I'm thinking that omelets will be for dinner on Wednesday (first day of sale) with peppers, onion, mushrooms in them. I'll bake and do some other egg stuff to use eggs and I'll get more on Friday when the sale ends.

1 comment:

Brooke said...

the omelets sound yummy (just make mine w/no mushroom).

i read your ER post - take care of yourself!