Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hostess with the Mostest....or not

I read a good post by Lynnae at Being Frugal about entertaining. I love the concept of entertaining but I have a huge entertaining phobia! I enjoy cooking, baking and house keeping (to some degree!) but when it comes to having people over, I seize up.

I worry about food and if my bathroom is clean enough. I worry that my couch is brown, our recliner is cream, our rocker is blue and our walls are green. I get antsy because I have silver, black, white and wooden picture frames. I notice spots on the carpet and dings in the door frames. I light candles for a nice scent, then worry they are too strong and open windows to air the place out. I make too much food because I don’t want anyone to be hungry and I’m not sure what the likes and dislikes are.

Obviously it appears that I get stressed out, and when I get stressed out I get snappy. Especially with my poor hubby who doesn’t deserve it. And I think it goes without saying that a snappy hostess and brooding hubby aren’t any fun at all!

So when I read Lynnae’s post about entertaining, it reminded me that hospitality is a wonderful way to show the love and kindness of God. Some of our funnest times are spent playing Settlers of Catan on a card table, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate at our friend’s house.

I need to focus on making my guests comfortable with my attitude instead of trying to use food and d├ęcor to wow them. I need to reflect Christ in my actions and words instead of trying to impressive with wordly stuff. I need to allow myself small splurges when guests come but not blow my monthly grocery budget.

I’m going to try and keep all this in mind as we have my parents and sisters over for a dinner celebrating our parents 27 years of marriage!

Our menu is:

Creamy Italian Chicken cooked in the crock-pot while I work. I’ll shred/dice the chicken to stretch it and serve it over pasta


French Bread from Walmart warmed in the oven

Jello with fruit

Apple Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert

By using the crock-pot and preparing the jello and cake ahead of time, I hope to cut down on my day of entertaining stress!!

I love reading the Reluctant Entertainer, she always reminds me that hospitality is the best way to show God's love, kidness and generosity towards others.

Do you have any entertaining tips you'd like to share with me? Especially about frugal centerpieces, meals that feel fancy, etc!

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Brooke said...

good luck! i'm sure everyone will have a great time.

i can't wait to have everyone over - once i get unpacked, and the pictures on the wall and the house cleaned and everything in its place and...