Monday, October 27, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Yay, its another Monday! We were at the inlaws this weekend so my meal plan for this week is a little scarce as Sunday is my meal planning/week organizing day. Check out more menus and recipes at Laura's site, the Org Junkie!
Monday: English Muffins w/ Egg and Cheese, Hasbrowns, Canned Fruit
Tuesday: ?? Not sure as we'll be cashing in on our Free Taco Bell Taco before grocery shopping. Maybe just a snack later on?
Wednesday: Sandwich in the car before church. Again. Or maybe we'll see what our church's cafe is having and grab something there.
Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie. Its in the freezer (I made a double batch about a month ago), all I have to do is thaw and bake!
Friday: Another quick bite in the car before our church's Harvest Festival! Hubby and I are running the Jousting Game for the teens.
Saturday: Not sure, probably sandwiches AGAIN as Hubby has a race (full contact dirt track car racing).


Brooke said...

thanks for the taco heads up! :) we're having a potluck today at work and i won't want a lot for dinner - the taco will hit the spot.

Sonshine said...

sounds like you are having a fun week! :)

thanks for stopping by! as for the cake I don't see why not that it could go in a 9x13 pan. The mixture is thicker than regular cake so you will have to spread it around in your pan. :)