Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things I love!

Its Tuesday, so I'm playing along with Sarah and letting you know something I love!

For the record: Hubby and I don't imbibe very often. Its more likely that we'll end throwing beer away because it goes skunky before we finish the case. Seriously!

But when friends invited us to go on a color tour and wine tasting, we jumped at the chance! We see these friends infrequently and it was bound to be a wonderful fall day. And at Chateau Chantel, I fell in LOVE with Sparkling Cherry Wine! It is so good, sweet and light tasting, not at all dry or icky (my previous description of wine).

I gladly used 7 of my tasting tickets on that delicious wine. The last ticket was used on champagne. Equally good! And know what else is awesome? Its only $10 a bottle! I can justify that little splurge. You can order it on-line if you live in Michigan. If you don't, you better go cry yourself to sleep.

And the winery is beautiful! The drive up Old Mission Pennisula is incrediable, offering views of water on either side. Chateau Chantel offers complimentary wine tastings and tours almost year round (check schedule) and since you made the drive to Old Mission Pennisula, be sure to check out the other wineries road side stands selling produce, light house and the delicious restaurants. Actually, if you want to visit Traverse City, Michigan at all, contact me!

Here a few other pictures from our wonderful fall weekend that included the discovery of sparkling cherry wine!

Above Left: Hubby and I at the winery. Notice the water in the background and the colorful trees. It was apparently the last nice weekend of the year!
Above Right: I was halfway between the North Pole and Equator. It felt like I was closer to the North Pole.
Right: Hubby and I standing on rocks where Lake Michigan once was. It was really mucky and we both had some serious mud on our shoes.

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Brooke said...

sounds like a great time! my parents went to the Biltmore winery this past spring and its amazing what you like when you just try it! :)