Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Laura is hosting another Menu Planning Monday! I love checking out other people's menus and recipes, it always inspires to try something new!

Last week I was flexiable when I found a bounty of produce for cheap. Instead of pork and rice, I made pork stir fry! So yummy! The scrambled eggs with veggies, ham and cheese was also a surprise hit. I also baked that horrible batch of muffins but redeemed my self with a lemony blueberry buckle.

This week we are having:

Monday - Family Dinner to Celebrate Mom and Dad's 28th Anniversary: Creamy Italian Chicken, Veggie Saute, Noodles, Jello, Bread, Apple Dumplings with Vanilla Ice Cream

Tuesday - Bacon Mac n Cheese, Broccoli

Wednesday - Sandwiches before Church. I need some help here, We have to be at church by 6, hubby works til 5:30 so we just head straight to church after he gets out of work (without going home). What else could we eat in the car besides sandwiches?

Thursday: Shake n Bake Chicken, baked potatoes

Friday: Young Adults Bon-Fire and Hayride!

Saturday & Sunday: Going to the In-Laws.

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Brooke said...

happy anniversary mom and dad! :)