Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Favorite Things!

Each week Sarah posts about her favorite things and lets us join in on the fun too!

This week, I'm featuring RUNNING GEAR!
I'm a runner. Not always a fast runner or a happy runner, but a runner. I started running to lose weight and because it seemed easy. You just throw on shorts and sneakers and run, right? Well you can, and I did. But then I ran into some not-so fun problems such as chaffing, blisters, getting over heated, more chaffing and more blisters.

So I started by getting some different shorts and that helped. But not as much as my new love, the running skirt. I picked mine up at Target and just LOVE IT! Its cute and keeps me 100% covered! My sister/running partner has one too (she got it for her birthday from me!) and we feel so sassy wearing them to races.

For a wedding gift, Hubby took me to the Running Fit store and bought me a Brooks technical t-shirt and Brooks running socks. Both are pricy, but what a difference they have made!

The tech-T is sweat wicking, so I stay SO much cooler on long, hot runs. Plus it was created for runners, so no more chaffing along the seams.

Same deal with the socks. No more blisters or seams rubbing my toes. Yay!

I think these things made this my best summer of running. Set a new 5k PR (personal record) on 4th of July, then broke it yesterday with a time of 24:57! And started doing 5 mile runs. I love it!


Brooke said...

sounds like you're dedicated! i could never do a skirt because i would get discouraged when my thighs rubbed together

April said...

I need to start running, maybe if I wore that cute skirt I would be more enabled to start :)