Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Magazine Clutter!

Magazine clutter cost me money and I’m slowly coming to terms with that. How does it cost me money? Let me share my insights.

1. Its takes longer to clean! The more I have to clean around, move to dust/vacuum, etc the longer it takes me to clean. I don’t like cleaning and my time is valuable to me.

2. It makes me want more! I LOVE reading magazines and I get* quite the selection: Glamour, Newsweek, Marriage Today, Better Homes and Gardens, Metropolitan Home, Country Living, ReadyMade, All You and Woman’s Day. I also acquire (through my mom, sister or co-workers) Domino, Runner’s World and Martha Stewart Living. Hubby gets Automotive News, Auto Week and Outdoor World (or something like that). Then I see a gadget and think I HAVE to have it. Like the Garmin Forerunner, sure it’d be nice but not at that cost! I want nicer furniture, new curtains, matching place settings, etc.

3. I buy more! Hey look, Martha Stewart can make this, I’m sure I can too. Next thing I know I’ve spent $50 on supplies and just have a pile of junk to show. I’m no Martha, its okay.

4. Its messy! This is costly in terms of my allergies. Magazines are dust collectors, I’m highly allergic to dust. I’m sure you are making the connection and I finally did too….Obviously you are brighter than me. Its also a contradiction that I want a Better Homes and Gardens house but have piles of magazines every where.

5. Its not healthy! I love reading the recipe section, but most of the recipes are that healthy. Do I really need to be tempting myself with unhealthy recipes? Nope, my health is more important!

So last night I grabbed the biggest box I could find and loaded it with old magazines (I’m talking like 5 years old!) and then had to call Hubby to lug it to the curb for me. Side note: 5 years old….I moved twice in that time period, why did I lug magazines around each time? Today is recycling day and I’m lessening my magazine clutter.

* I actually only pay for Glamour, the rest I have received through free subscription offers. Sweet huh?

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April said...

I hate magazine clutter, but for some odd reason I cant bring myself to throw them away lol!