Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thing I love!

Know what I love? My Pampered Chef Cookie Scoop! My mom got me one for a bridal shower gift and I can’t live without it! I use it for so much more than just cookie dough scooping, I use it to:
- Scoop out the seeds of muskmelon or honeydew
- Making melon balls
- Neatly fill pans for muffins/cupcakes
- Mini ice cream cones
- Scooping filling for Chicken Broccoli Wreath/other foods
- Cake Pops
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Cheryl said...

I just might have to get one of those! I love baking and it looks like it could come in handy. Thanks for the recipe too!

Under the Florida Sun said...

I love PC things. This one is a lot of fun. I've used the cookie scoop quiet a few times

JadeMerie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, that is such a handy little tool, I might just have to get one.

Linds said...

I love those! I some times use them to scoop ice cream too, it makes cute little scoops. I got mine for a bridal shower gift too! :)

Sonshine said...

I love my scoop! I use it to make meatballs, melon balls, cupcakes and cookies. :)