Friday, August 15, 2008


Each Sunday I buy an edition of the Grand Rapids Press for the coupons, its most local weekend paper that carries the coupons, even though I'm over 150 miles away from GR. This Sunday as I was flipping through it, eager to grab the coupons, I came across an article about Savings Angel. Savings Angel is a service that you subscribe to and it matches up coupons and store sales for the best deals possible. Here is the link to the article.

I've only watched the intro video and it appears to be West Michigan specific, but I was miffed when the guy kept proclaming that "Savings Angel Members got this shampoo for FREE" I wanted to tap and the screen and say "So did I and I don't subscribe to a service!"

Some of my favorite coupon + sales matching ladies are the girls at Mommy Snacks, Sisterly Savings, The Centsible Sawyer and Glimpse of Sonshine. And guess what? They don't charge me a thing to read the scenerios and get the deals! I'd love to able to utilize Fiddledeedee's awesome Publix deals, but no Publix are to be found in my area!

So to thank all the ladies who help me cut my grocery bill and to help other ladies cut their grocery bill, I'm going to offer a coupon giveaway!

I'll be giving away 2 groups of coupons!

Group #1 will contain Baby Coupons as well as other coupons (food, cleaners, general merchandise, etc)

Group #2 will contain a Misc. Collection of coupons (food, cleaners, general merchandise, etc)

I haven't clipped these coupons yet, but there will be at least 25 coupons in each group!

How can you enter? Leave me a comment below and include your contact info and what group you would prefer to win. You can get a second entry by blogging about this giveaway on your blog and linking it back to this giveaway. (just leave a second comment that you did)

Giveaway closes on Wednesday, August 20 at Noon! So be sure to enter and let your friends know too!


Sonshine said...

I hear you about the Savings Angel video!! I don't use the service at all because I feel that I am doing just fine in my savings along with getting things free or nearly free!

Thanks for mentioning me! :) It is good to know that someone is finding my coupons + sales deals post useful. I have had thoughts about not continuing it once I start up homeschooling this fall. However, knowing that I have people reading it and finding it useful--I will continue posting it!

Oh and for the giveaway...Enter me for the Group #2!!!

Andrea said...

You're too sweet to mention Mommy Snacks!!! And, for the giveaway - well, I'd love either if I won. I have the baby needs and we all have to eat/clean! Thanks again!!

Brooke said...

no baby here, but plenty of house to clean! :)

The Frugal Homemaker said...

I could use either one. I am so happy to have found your giveaway!!!! I love your blog, so this is such a nice addition!

MJ said...

I would love to win from Group #2

Yeah, when I started getting into my couponing, I found many sites that proclaim to save you money, but they want you to pay an arm & a leg just to get the info... which is FREE on other sites!!!

You can contact me via my blog if I win! Great giveaway!

Ann said...

I'll love to have the baby stuff. =) @ gmail

Stephanie said...

The miscellaneous coupons would be great. I found your blog through Money Saving Mom. Thank you for the chance to win. (steffy623 at aol dot com)

Christine said...

I would love to be entered in for the group #1 as my first choice! Thanks for your helpful blog!

You can get a hold of me at:


pam said...

I'd love group 2. Thanks so much for your giveaway. I agree, all the frugal blogs are so helpful.

Elizabeth said...

I just found you...nice blog! I'd love to win either set of coupons. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

Honey said...

I'd love to win the baby ones. I don't have any really little ones, but my friend just had her thrid and could use them. I will just give them to her. Thanks for the giveaway!

Jay Fradd said...

Hi! Put me down as a contestant for Group 2! By the way, I was directed here by Brooke (, we figured we needed to increase our odds any way we could! :-)

Thanks for the great offer!

"Mr. Right"

justusseven said...

I am from West Michigan too and I read the same article. After talking with a lady from church who is a member of savings angel, I decided to go online and check it out. It appears to be the same thing that and offer for free...but I agree with the other comments, I'm doing good enough on my own =)

Sign me up for the coupon giveaway please!

Lucy said...

Could use group 2 q's

Beeb said...

Thanks so much for hosting this! Could you please enter me for Box #2? :)

seesawstar said...

I would love to have the first group of baby coupons. Babies are EXPENSIVE...cute, but expensive!

Contact information can be found in my profile, or at my blog (

seesawstar said...

I also linked to you from my blog. Here is the direct link:

Please enter me again!

Thank you!

Amy T said...

I would love to throw my hat in the baby coupon ring - I've got one coming in December, and I'm trying to get some stuff stocked up. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

Amy T said...

I blogged/linked you on my blog - Please enter me again for the baby coupons - and thanks again!

lmkirb said...

I am learning to use coupons through trial and error...more errors than I care to think about!!...and hope to eventually be able to chop my grocery bill in half. I run a home daycare, so between feeding them and my family of 5 we can spend a big amount weekly. I have discovered within the last couple of months some amazing blogs that have been extremely helpful with my quest to become more thrifty and frugal in our everyday lives.
I came upon your blog through Money Saving Mom and spent some time reading through past posts. I really liked what I read and added you to my bookmarks so I can check in when time permits.
I would have to say that if I am one of the chosen to win the coupons, I would say either batch would be great. I don't have any babies myself...all teenagers...but I do buy things for my daycare to keep on hand for those emergencies that do arise.
Thanks for a great giveaway!!

Katie said...

I would love to win coupons package #1. thanks katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

SunEGrl said...

I would like to win the coupons from Group 2. I have really gotten into couponing after buying my first house and I'm having a blast. This would be a great help!

Jem said...

Group #1 coupons would be great. Please enter me for the giveaway.


Anonymous said...

I would love to win the coupons from Group #2.

sundaygirl at gmail dot com