Thursday, August 14, 2008


I like to cook and bake, a lot. I feel very successful and accomplished when I see satisfied grins on peoples' faces as they bite into something I made. But that doesn't mean making the food comes easy. Oh contraire. I typically sweat and struggle through recipes and end up calling mom for help or advice. Then I blog about the adventure for everyone to laugh at. The end result usually is fine but the way I got there is more often a little ugly.

And I'm horrible at making up recipes using what I have on hand. I get so flustered and scared, I just freak out and we end up having chicken tenders or something. But last night I wanted to make something yummy. So I put on my big girl pants and got to work using what I had in the fridge and cupboard.

I had a container of Chi-Chi's Mexican Chicken meat and some wheat tortillas. But tacos just sounded so blah. So I used my brain to come up with a recipe of my own. Its not the most homemade/complicated dish in the world, but it got rave reviews from Hubby.

1 container of Chi-Chi's Mexican Shredded Chicken (or something like that)
1 can of corn
6 tortillas (or so)
1 can of Enchillida Sauce
Shredded cheese

I mixed the corn, some cheese and the chicken together. I spooned some on to a tortilla and rolled it up and placed it seam side down in a greased 9x13 pan. When I used up the filling and the pan was full, I poured the enchillida sauce over it all and sprinkled on some cheese and baked it until it was hot. We topped it with salsa and sour cream. This was very tasty!

Next time I think I'll add some rice to the filling mixture. Would be good served with beans, rice, corn bread (personal favorite), guacamole, chips, etc.

I may not be Martha Stewart, but I sure try!

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Sonshine said...

those enchiladas sound yummy!

Those bars sound yummy too! I probably would have done something similar. I would not have seen the 5oz can remark and used a whole 12 oz!! LOL However, if I had seen the 5oz can remark I would have taken my 12 oz can and poured out 5 oz into a measuring cup and then poured out of the 5oz in the measuring cup my 1/3 cup and then used the rest of the 5oz that was in the measuring cup. I would do all that rather than trying to do any mental math! LOL