Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bye Hair Junk!

Sunday I got bit by the purge bug and hit the bathroom. After being diagnosed with blepharitis, my doctor said I shouldn’t wear eye shadow any more to try and control the flare ups. But I hadn’t thrown any of my beloved eye shadow away until Sunday.

I have VERY little space in my bathroom. I have a pedestal sink and when I first bought the house I wanted to replace it with a vanity. Sadly even the smallest vanity was too big for the bathroom. But I did find a narrow set of plastic drawers that fits between the tub and under the sink. Woo-hoo! Hubby has one drawer, one drawer is dedicated for hair dryer, curling iron, beard trimmer, etc and one drawer is mine. I also had a white bin the cabinet over the toilet that I stored more toiletries/make-up in. And there were piles of products on the back of the toilet (we have no counter!). So first I tackled the white bin and threw almost everything away except 1 bottle of foundation, 2 lipsticks, 1 power, 1 concealer, 1 mascara, 1 eye lash curler, 1 special occasion eye shadow compact, 1 eye liner and my make-up brushes! That all fits nicely into a make-up bag, so no more white bin. I then moved the stuff from the top of the toilet to the space previously occupied by the bin.

Then I hit my drawer. Talk about long-lost hair crap! I had more mousse, gel, hair spray, wax, crème, shine spray and volumizer than I would have used in years. And most of it was OLD, I remember using some of it in high school. So most of that got thrown away too. Now that drawer opens and closes freely. Yay, it feel so good to get rid of stuff.

And its frugal. Before I would buy make-up without a though because the white bin was large and of course I had room in the bin for it. Now I have very little extra room in my make-up bag, thus preventing random make-up purchases.

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Brooke said...

LOL @ hair gunk left over from high school! :) it wasn't, by chance, white rain was it? :P

i have most of my cvs purchases boxed up in my parents basement - i'm looking forward to closing on the house in a couple of weeks and getting my linen closet ready!! :)