Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Thing I Love!

I love getting ideas from what other people love, so check out Sarah's blog for more things!

This might sound stupid, but I love Baby Shampoo! I have no children but its always in my bathtub for me to use. Why you may ask yourself is she taking up valuable shower space for Baby Shampoo? Well let me tell you why! #1 is because I have blepharitis and it makes my eyelids real icky. Washing them twice daily with Baby Shampoo helps SO much! #2 is that I love how gentle enough it is, I even shave with it if Walgreens and Rite Aid haven't had a sale on shaving cream. #3 is that I love the smell, very light and clean and won't interfere with my lotion or perfume #4 is that it rinses easily away and #5 is that its very inexpensive! (I buy store brand)


Mama Koala said...

It smells good too! The johnson and johnson site has coupons--sometimes I find one for 1 dollar off and can get the trial size for free at wal-mart.

Brooke said...

babies smell so good don't they? i love snuggling with my niece or nephew after they've had a bath.