Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu Planning Monday!

Here is our rough meal plan for the week. I’m not exactly sure the way it will go, but hey, I try! Need more ideas? Check out Laura's wonderful Menu Planning Monday post!

Monday: Porgies with marinara, garlic bread. I got a couple boxes of Mrs. T’s porgies for $0.16 last week. Yummy!!

Tuesday: Sandwich night! Also will have tator tots or fries and some fruit. I should have my first tomato and green pepper ready to harvest plus I picked up some lunch meat and cheese on sale last week.

Wednesday: Steak night! We used some of our wedding money to buy a rack of NY Strip and had it sliced into 18 steaks. We triple wrapped them and froze them. So now steak night is an expensive treat and Hubby loves grilling.

Thursday: Not sure, Hubby has softball at 5:30 and its just a season end fun game. Not sure how late this will go. Probably have sandwiches at the field.

Friday: Sandwiches or something else like that. Hubby is racing in a town about 2 hours away, so we’ll either pack the cooler or something.

Anybody have any picnic friendly alternatives to Sandwiches?

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Anonymous said...

I'm new to orgjunkie, but wanted to let you know that we often do cheese, crackers, pasta salad and fruit for our picnics!!

Amy T said...

I agree with the PP about cheese/crackers/fruit. You could also do cold fried chicken - seems like they used to do picnics with fried chicken a lot in the Little House on the Prairie era :o)