Friday, June 6, 2008

I was made to love and be loved by YOU!

There is a new WOW collection out called WOW Hits 1. You can find it at
Hubby and I LOVE the WOW Cds. We love to jam out in the car to them and sometimes we are pleasantly surprised when one of our favorites makes into our Res Life ROCKS Saturday Night Praise and Worship rotation.

A word about Res Life ROCKS. It literally ROCKS. The tag line is "Church done right" and it is! I grew up in a traditional church singing hymns with the accompaniment of an organ. Not bad, but nothing that would draw non-Christians in either. Then together we discovered Resurrection Life Church and fell in love (with the church and more in love with God and each other). We've been to all the services and Saturday Night is our favorite. Its Loud, there are drum and electric guitar solos, strobe lights, Christian music videos and we sing songs by Barlow Girl, Rebecca St. James and Audio Adreneline. How could we not love it? Its the same message as Sunday morning, but presented a little more modernly.

If you are ever in Northern Michigan, email me and I'll give you more info about Res Life. We love it and so will you!!

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