Friday, December 19, 2008

Not feeling the love!

The other morning I made a mad dash into Wal-Mart for some stocking stuffers. I scoured the travel sized items and found as many coupons as I could that DID NOT state "excludes travel sizes" or whatever. So I loaded the items into my cart, including a single pack of Tide for $0.97 (perfect for our laundry mat using friend). I had a $1 off coupon that did not state any exclusions, it even went as far as to read "Good on any size". I approached the U-Scan and set to work scanning my goodies and my coupons. Everything was okay until I got to the tide coupon and it wouldn't scan. The employee came over and said "Oh, Coupons? Those cause so much trouble with these machines, you are supposed to go to a real cashier." I apologized and said that I wasn't aware of this "rule". She then made me go up to the station so she could finish the transaction, the whole while mumbling about the problems with coupons, etc. She scanned my Tide coupon and some message came up and she asked to see the product. I pulled out my single packet and she exclaimed "We do not accept coupons for travel sizes!!" I replied "The coupon does not state that, if it did I wouldn't be attempting to use it!" She kept carrying on about how dare I think I could use a coupon on a travel size, while I bit my tongue to avoid being sassy and showing her all the other travel sizes I used coupons for before she came to my aid.

I eventually told her that I wouldn't purchase the Tide and asked for my coupon back, paid and left. Hubby thinks I should have gotten the manager. What would you have done?

Last night we were at Meijer getting groceries. I was so pleased with the excellent Green Giant Veggie Steamers deal (on sale for $0.79, had a couple $.50 and $1 coupons). Well the veggies rang up at $2.19. I asked the cashier about that and he called back to someone to double check the price. He then told me "Only Meijer veggies are on sale for that price!" I told him I didn't want them and he continued checking me out. Then it came time to scan my coupons. When I handed them to him, he said "What a pile!" in a slightly disgusted tone before he set to work. Not one but TWO coupons didn't register on the screen so I had to point this out to him. Each time he said "I know, I know" but if he knew, how come he was going on the next coupon? One coupon was for a free bag of cat litter valued at $6.99, so it wasn't like a $0.20 but some serious money!

On our way out we grabbed a sales flier and there it was, the picture of Green Giant Veggies and the price $0.79. Tonight we go back (the store is in the town we work) with ad in hand and will purchase those veggies!


Brooke said...

i would have asked to see a manager, but its hard on something like that.

i pointed out (and had to walk with a cashier to the coffee section) a $0.27 price difference.

Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews said...

if it didn't say "coupon may not exceed the price of purchase" they are supposed to let you use it. (Take it from a former WM cashier like myself, lol!)