Thursday, December 18, 2008

Frugal Ways Spread

Hubby LOVES Arby's so to celebrate our last night of Dodge Ball, we decided to use some coupons that came in our paper and have Arby's for dinner. In bed last night, I reminded him that it was his responsibility to bring the coupons and if he didn't bring them we weren't going (half joking).

Well he forgot the coupons this morning but being the awesome wife I am, I said we could still go there for dinner, no biggie. He was pretty bummed that he forgot and said he felt bad that we'd spend more money then we would have if he had remember the coupons.

About an hour ago he called from work, he found some Arby's coupons on-line and printed them off, wasn't I really proud of him? Awww....of course I am and I'm also thrilled my money saving ways are rubbing off on him!

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Brooke said...

lol! aren't they cute when they help save money?

Mr. Right ate what I call "chicken slop" for two nights this week to keep it from going to waste. (it was so bad i refused to eat it - and i'm the one that cooked it!)