Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Andrea has a great post about her financial goals of 2008. She writes about how God has blessed her family and references the Loaves and Fish story. And it got me thinking about the HUGE ways God has blessed Hubby and I in the past year.

- God provided Hubby a job 2 days before our wedding! We lived 2.5+ hours apart and were facing either a long commute or seeing each other only a couple times per week. Adding to our concern is that Hubby has a bachelor's in Automotive Management and we live in Michigan where automotive jobs are shrinking. But Hubby got a call on May 1st that he was hired and could start on May 12th, allowing time for our honeymoon.

- God "fixed" our chest freezer! Our chest freezer broke this summer and we were bummed. We had made a financial commitment to our History Makers campaign at church and the payment was due. It was a tough decision but we were determined to honor God above all and made the payment. The next Hubby went to haul the freezer to the dump and it was running! All he had to do was switch out the outlet and it is as good as new!

- God healed me! The recap is that after being diagnosed with outrageously high blood pressure and aortic stenosis, the cardiologist thought I'd need a aortic valve replacement. Hubby and I claimed verses of healing and prosperity for my life and had our pastor pray over me. After a procedure to determine the extent of stenosis and timeline for valve replacement, the cardiologist declared me 100% okay, nothing wrong and no evidence I ever had a problem.

- God repaired Hubby's ring! Hubby snapped his Tungsten Carbide wedding band in half last week. Yes, that is one of the strongest metals and no, I didn't marry The Hulk. It was a freak thing but it broke and we didn't want to shell out $200+ for a new one. Hubby met with the store manager and they contacted the manufacturer. The manufacturer is replacing his wedding band for free!

- God has built our savings! Last month we were able to save $1,500!! Hubby and I both work full time and not in big money industries. We don't feel deprived and we still get to go out for dinner on occasion or do something else fun! We have worked to lower our expenses, increase our coupon usage and be faithful in tithing and giving. Its work but being a steward of God's Bounty is not a burden, it is a privilege!!

- God has done more! I KNOW there are more things that God has done in our lives from protecting us on bad roads to keeping up healthy. God is so amazing at blessing His children. I am so thankful to my Father for his wonderful gifts of provision that he has richly poured out on my life. Thank you Jesus!

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Brooke said...

wow. i have to say that i didn't know it was possible to break tungston!

but seriously, its amazing how many different ways God blesses our lives