Thursday, October 9, 2008


Last night didn't go as planned when a quick stop into the walk-in clinic for a rash turned into a trip to the ER and appointments for an echocardiogram and renal sonography. My blood pressure was super high yesterday (170/120, normal would be 120/80) and off to the ER I went. A quick peek in my medical record showed that I've had elevated blood pressure for at least 5 years and over time it has gone up and up and up. (FYI - 170/120 is in the range for people having a stroke!) I stayed for a while as they ran some EKGs and blood work. I'm now on some "old people" meds such as ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers. They think the cause of this on-going blood pressure problem is due to an underlying issue with my thyroid and/or kidneys.

So I filled 4 prescriptions today for my new med cocktail for $35, without insurance it would have been $155! I have a hard time swallowing a new expensive of $35/month but I can't imagine paying $155/month. Wowzer!

While my meds were getting filled, I strolled past the reduced price food cart and grabbed a few deals! I got 7 bananas for $0.60, 2lbs of grapes for $0.77, bag of spinach for $0.25 and a ceasar salad kit for $0.25! The bananas are either really brown or really green but I'll make some bread with the brown ones. I was pleased as punch!


Anonymous said...

I can feel your pain sister. I never had high blood pressure until I ended up with preeclampsia with my first baby, then it was still somewhat elevated when I went for my 6 week check up and they told me just to keep an eye on it.

Well, we had just moved and with a new baby, I pushed it to the back burner. Imagine my surprise when my son was 6 months old, we found out I was pregnant again!

Well, long story short, I had major high blood pressure from about 3 months on(210/110 at one point)and that was with a very high dose of med.

I ended up with severe preeclampsia and delivered my daughter 3 months early(she spent 6months in the hospital total)

I am now on 4 blood pressure meds and I am seeing a kidney specialist because I still have some side effects from the pregnancies.

My meds per month...$68 dollars w/insurance(over $200 w/out)
And it will be slightly more this month because the Dr. upped one of my meds again!!

I will pray for you!!


sara l said...

I hope you're doing better. Look into mail in refills. You can save a bit of money that way.