Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worked for Me!

Its good ole Works for Me Wednesday but with a theme! Summer Boredom Busters for the kiddos! I'm childless but am young enough to remember being bored during the summer (what I wouldn't give for some "boredom"!).

My sisters did such amusing activities as create your own tye-dye using food coloring. This permanently changed the inside of the dryer from white to some murky gray/green/brown color. They also dared each other to lick the dogs ear, played dentist which resulted in a trip to the real doctor, spilled powder kool-aid on white carpet and tried using water to clean it up and got a broken arm that beats all broken arms.

Poor mom! What did she do that kept us amused?

- Real Tye-Dye! After the fiasco, she decided it was best she give in to demands for tye-dye. We tye-dyed everything one summer, t-shirts, socks, undies, pillow cases, etc. We just dyed dingy white things we already had.

- "Pot-luck Meals" We each would be assigned a "committee" (my youngest sister started callling them committees) and we would be responsible for deciding what to have, making it and cleaning it up. My youngest sister was always on the drink committee and we'd end up with some tang+iced tea+kool aid+lemonaid+pop+juice combos!

- Camping in our backyard. Now as an adult, I realize mom and dad just wanted some alone time without 3 girls in the house, but hey, we loved sleeping outside!

- Bon-fires! We were always decently well behaved around a back yard bon-fire.

- Helping out neighbors and friends. I would never want to weed mom's garden, but for some reason helping wedding the neighbor's garden wasn't work, it was fun!


Sister Honey Bunch said...

I love bonfires! Great idea! And we do live in TC!

Joyful Days said...

We love doing tie-dying! I'll have to suggest that again. Great ideas.