Monday, June 30, 2008

Menu Planning Monday!

Our Yummy Menu:

Monday: BBQ Pork, fruit salad, roasted potatoes (see recipe below)

Tuesday: Baked tilapia, garlic noodles (noodle-a-roni) with broccoli

Wednesday: Peanut Chicken Bowl - I use whatever veggies we have on hand and have even used frozen stir-fry or other veggies.

Thursday: BBQ Chicken, pasta salad, veggies

Friday: cook-out maybe?

Saturday: cook-out maybe?

Sunday: cook-out maybe?

I’m not sure what our weekend plans on, we’d like to cook-out once, so it just depends on what else we decide to do. I also have spaghetti fixings and stuff for stroganoff depending on when we are home during the long weekend.

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Roasted Potatoes:

4-5 potatoes
Olive Oil
Seasonings (I like onion soup packets)

Scrub and dice potatoes (with skin on), place in a bowl. Pour some oil over and sprinkle with seasoning. Amount of oil and seasonings depend on amount of potatoes. Roast in 425 degree over at least a half hour, or until potatoes are done. I think having “hot” potatoes rounds out a sandwich meal.

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