Monday, June 2, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

For a couple months I've enjoyed reading everybody's menu plans for the week and have been inspired to start planning my own. This week is pretty light, we'll be out at least 2 nights, so that makes it a good week for me to start!
For more awesome menu plans and delicious recipes check out Organizing Junkies: Menu Planning Monday!

Background: Its just Hubby and Me. We both work in the same town where about 95% of our social lives/meetings/church events/etc are held. We often stay after work to attend whatever is happening. Even with a Taco Bell dinner, its cheaper than driving home and back into town.


Cereal w/ milk

Pop tarts w/ milk

Toast w/ PB/Jelly and milk


Leftovers, hot pockets, soup, Lean Cuisine, individually portioned frozen leftovers. We both typically take yogurt, fruit, veggies, granola bars, etc for snacks.


Monday: Eating in Town because we have a Partnership Meeting at Church

Tuesday: I'll have dinner at our work dinner meeting. Hubby will probably go out.

Wednesday: Egg and Bacon "McMuffins", fruit

Thursday: Marinated Chicken on the grill, rice, corn

Friday: Up in the Air, we may be going to a work party if it doesn't rain. Otherwise probably frozen pizza

Saturday: Eating at my grandparent's 50th Anniversary Party

Sunday: I can't think that far ahead:) If we get our fire pit ring installed, maybe hot dogs over a fire!

My apologies that this isn't super helpful, no recipe links or anything like that. But I will link to the recipe for S'mores Brownies I baked this weekend. They are so good!!

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Stephanie said...

Welcome! My first few menus didn't have links either. You'll get to it. I like that you are thinknig about the expense of driving vs. eating out issue. We've all got to save pennies where we can!