Monday, June 2, 2008

Dish to pass?

Yesterday morning hubby and I (mostly hubby) decided that we should travel 250 miles round trip to a friend's surprise birthday party. Of course its a pot-luck and we don't have much in house, so it was time to get creative. Hubby suggested just stopping at the store to buy some salad or something from the deli. I scoffed at that, we were not going to spend a weeks' worth of grocery money on a deli salad for a pot-luck!

So when hubby made a run to the store for our newspapers (for coupons) I had him pick up a package of cream cheese and I set to work creating a layered taco dip.

I used sour cream, beans, cheese, salsa and corn that were already on hand. Plus we had a big bag of tortilla chips I had gotten for $1 thanks to meijer mealbox coupons and sales.

It wasn't my favorite taco dip ever, but it was a decent dish to pass!

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