Friday, June 20, 2008

Bakery Outlets!

Last week I needed a couple packages of hot dog buns so I headed to our local bakery outlet store and I loved it! I remember going there as a kid with my mom but hadn't been back since leaving the nest. I got hot dog buns for $0.99/pack! They have great deals on bread, buns, gravy/spice mixes, snack cakes and other things. Find more info about bakery outlets here!

And no, its not day old stuff, it actually had a fresher date the buns at my local grocery store and were $1.70 cheaper a pack!

Last night I used leftover hot dog buns to make garlic toast. Hubby loved it so much that he suggested not buying regular garlic bread and just making our own. Using half a pack of buns, butter and some spices it would be about $0.75 for 8 pieces. Much cheaper than the stuff in the frozen foods section! I was SO proud of Hubby for suggesting something frugal like that. I guess my thrifty ways are rubbing off on him!


Sonshine said...

I love bakery outlets too! One thing I get there on a regular basis is Texas Toast. It makes great bread for french toast and for making garlic toast too! :) The last time I was at the local outlet they were out of it til the following day so I haven't gotten any in a while! :(

I also make garlic toast with hot dog or hamburger buns. Oh and my kids love hot dog or hamburger buns individual pizzas too. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Delaina said...

I love bakery outlets! My mom has a Pepperidge Farm outlet by her office and she stocks up on snack packs (Goldfish Crackers, etc.) for the kids. She aslo gets 10% off on Tuesdays since she's over 50 years old.