Monday, January 5, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

It is Menu Planning Monday and I'm once again doing this! I tried not doing it and it was crazy and resulted in getting pizza for dinner way more than I care to admit. This week is busy, so a couple dinners will be eaten in the car. For more menu plans and recipes, check out Laura at the Org Junkie!

Monday: Tuna Casserole and apples. This is eaten in the car between work and the Servent Leader meeting at church.

Tuesday: Chili and corn bread. I'm going to make the chili meatless since beans are so high in protien and are frugal. Hopefully the corn bread will soften the blow for my meat loving hubby!

Wednesday: Another dinner in the car between work and Wednesday Night church. Hopefully it is leftover chili!

Thursday: Another dinner in the car between work and dodge ball. Not sure yet, probably a sandwich and then a snack when we get home.

Friday: A real dinner, at home, around the table!!! *squeals in delight* I think that beef tips n gravy over mashed potatoes sounds pretty good to me.

Tuna Casserole (this was SO frugal!)
Make 1 box of mac n cheese (bought when on sale B3G3). Stir in a tin/pack of tuna (used $1off Q, paid $0.08!!) and 1/2 bag of frozen veggies. Stir well and heat through.


Brooke said...

i make my chili w/o beans! shameful i know. i'm just not a big fan and so that's how i started out making it.

now that i'm more mindful of my budget, i'm trying to sneak them in.

Iowa Birdie said...

Please tell us about your free mochas! :)