Monday, December 1, 2008

Deals Galore!

Thanksgiving afternoon was spent poring over the Black Friday sale ads with my cousin and comparing couponing/rebating strategies and deals. I didn't know she was such a frugalista and we had a blast!

Friday I hit some stores for a little shopping but didn't really get caught up in all that Black Friday madness. I snagged the freebies from Rite Aid and another razor from Walgreens along with some chocolates and a few other goodies. At Target I got some cute pjs for a gift exchange. But Walmart and TJ Maxx were my big hits (in terms of savings). At Walmart I price matched Goody Hair accessories with Meijer's 50% all Goody Hair Accessories sale and used a $2 off coupon. I also snagged a free pack of Kotex (with $1 off coupon) so after price matching and the coupons WALMART OWED ME $0.21. Since they won't pay you to shop there, I left with a zero balance! I tried to work that again later in the day but the cashier wouldn't price match % off sales, then said I couldn't use my coupon with a sale and gave me the run around until I left. At least I got a good cashier in the morning.

At TJ Maxx, I got a pair of Nike Dri-Fit running tights for $16, regularly $50+!!! My sis (and fellow bargain shopper) found them (she got a pair too). Lest you thing I'm greedy, I let sis use a Goody hair accessories coupon too.

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Brooke said...

great job on the walmart shopping. unfortunately there wasn't a walgreens/cvs close to podunk, wv where we spent thanksgiving