Thursday, October 2, 2008


I pack 2 lunches a day, 5 days a week. One for me and one for hubby. Hubby's lunches are harder and easier to pack. Harder because a) he requires more food b) he is picky when it comes to healthy stuff. Easier because he loves sandwiches, which I can only tolerate on occassion.

Each day he usually gets 2 fruits/veggies, a low-fat yogurt, healthy granola bar (low sugar, high fiber) and a sweet in addition to his "main course". Sometimes another snacky thing (trail mix, PB crackers, etc) depending on the main course. Main courses range from sandwiches (whole grain bread), leftovers, frozen meals, soup or canned pasta. I try to keep an eye on salt, fat, fiber, etc but its hard!

I'm more of a leftovers or piece of whole grain toast with PB girl with fruits, yogurt and veggies as snacks. But I like having a few frozen meals on hand in case I want something more on certain days. But I hate the price of frozen meals (I know $2.25 is still cheaper than eating out). So imagine my delight when I found Kashi Shrimp meals marked down to $1.87! Kashi meals were healthy and now affordable. I grabbed one couple and checked out. WHAT? It rang up at $0.86 and spit out a catalina for $1.25 off any 2 Kashi meals. I told hubby to bring the rest of the stuff to the car and went back, coupon in hand for more. After buying 2 more, I got another catalina for $1.50 off 3!! Now I have a nice stash of frozen meals to tide me through for a little bit.

But you know what is better than that? Free meals! Check out the give away at Common Sense with Money, she is giving away a Del Monte meal. YUMMY!!

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Brooke said...

i'm not a big sandwich person either - i get board too easily (not that i ever get board with double cheeseburgers and fries)

great job on the find!