Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rite Aid & Walgreens

I find it hard to juggle rebating at multiple stores and obviously this month I was focused on Walgreens. My total Rite Aid rebate is for $2. Haha, I didn't score ANY of the fabulous freebies at the start of the month and then things were only so-so. Oh-well, I got Hubby cheap Motts Applesauce for his lunch and I got myself some Suave Lotion.

However, Walgreens rocked and I scored tons of freebies and lots of cheapies! I highly recommend checking out their clearance section. I got a couple boxes of 100 calorie packs of Cappucino Mix for $1 and some $0.25 packs of M&M Cookies. Perfect for stocking stuffers or in my case, Elf Week at work. I also noticed 1/2 price Alavert - $12 for 24 pills, plus many of you should have a $2 coupon.

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Brooke said...

Walgreens has been great lately hasn't it?