Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pumping Iron!

I don’t like yard sales and don’t have the patience from second hand stores. How un-frugal is that? Its not because I don’t like used things but because I hate pawing through junk to find the elusive mega deal.
But know what I do love? Trading. Craigslist. Freecycle. Classified Ads. Working out. Saving Money. I’ve had a gym membership for about 3 years now. And during those 3 years I’ve lost and kept off a little over 40lbs. The gym membership isn’t terribly expensive, about $300/year, so a little less than $1/day. Easily justifiable in my mind. Prior to marriage, I’d workout from 5:00 pm (right after work) – 6:00pm or so at least 3 nights a week. But now hubby and I carpool together. He gets out of work at 5:30pm and doesn’t like working out. So I could cram about 15 minutes in between me getting out and going to pick him up. Or I wouldn’t workout at all and just take a walk when we got home. I was not utilizing my membership as much as I once was.
The time to renew my membership was fast approaching and I wasn’t sure if I should do it. So when a treadmill appeared on freecycle, I snagged it. It was okay but not built for running. I was a little bummed but whatever, it was free. Then I saw a $50 treadmill on craigslist and dragged hubby out to look at it with me. We bought it. Now I had 2 treadmills. So when a co-worker said she was looking for a treadmill, I offered her the extra. She said we could have her stair-stepper and Nordic-trek ski machine. Woo-Hoo!! All I now needed was some free weights. But whoa, those are expensive! $15 for 1 10lb dumbbell? I could do better then that. So to the classifieds I went and found a 110lb weight set for $35. Heck ya!
SO after some searching and trading I have a treadmill, weight set, Nordic-trek and stair climber for $85. Less than a year gym membership and the ability to work out whenever I what! Woo-Hoo!!

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