Friday, August 8, 2008

Woo-Hoo Walgreens x2!!!

Last night I made another Walgreens stop because I had time to kill and coupons to use!

I bought:
2 bottles L'Oreal Hydrogloss Shampoo - $5/bottle
Used a BOGO Raincheck and a BOGO Coupons = $0!
2 boxes of Russel Stover Chocolates - $6/box
Clearance for $2.99/box, used 2 $2 off Coupons = $0.99/box!
1 pack dark chocolate M&Ms - $0.75
Clearance for $0.42!
1 box of dried fruit - $1
Needed these for a snack mix
1 box of an adult product (just keeping it clean;) - $10
Clearance for $2

So my total was $5.68, used a $5 RR, so total was $0.68 OOP!!

The dark Chocolate M&Ms are for me! The Russell Stover Chocolates are for co-worker's birthdays!

Only downside - I haven't been able to buy any FAR items yet, they have always been sold out! Hopefully they get some stuff in soon!!

1 comment:

Brooke said...

Gotta love the register rewards! :)

I did the Kellogs deal wrong the first time (didn't realize it had to be in the same trip for the $10 rebate), so now I have 8 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of rice crispy treats, and 4 boxes of poptarts