Thursday, August 21, 2008

Frugal Lunches!

When I first entered the "adult" world of working full time, I went out to lunch regularly, after all a $7 lunch was "only" worth about a 1/2 hour of work. I could afford that! Then I realized how much that $7 lunch was costing me financially and calorie wise. So I started packing my own and with few exceptions, haven't looked back since. This morning I whipped together 5 lunches and stuck them all in my freezer.

+ + = 5 frugal & tasty lunches!

I cooked 2 packages of Top Ramon ($.10/each), added in leftover chopped zucchini (free) and a pack of Crab meat (B1G2). Sprinkled on some parm cheese, garlic, chives, etc and portioned it out into 5 ziplock containers (3 of them were freebies from Homemade Simple) and stuck them in the freezer.

Something else great is that hubby won't touch the crab meat or the zucchini so its a treat for me to get such a tasty lunch!

So for about $2 (being generous with the spices), I have 5 lunches for $0.40/each! So much cheaper than eating out, or Lean Cuisine or Lean Pockets! And it took about 15 minutes max to make it (I was also doing dishes, packing Hubby's lunch and feeding the cat).

Next time leftovers aren't an option, I'll grab one of these guys and be ready to go!

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Brooke said...

good job! that's an area where i need to strive to be better.

i rationalize that $2 for one SmartOne entree is better (both calorie and $$$ wise) than $5 for McDonalds, but $2 for the whole week is even better!!