Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm looking for help on a couple things!

1- Coupon Trading: I don't have access to a printer, so I can't print off coupons. I'd love to trade coupons with someone who is willing to print coupons off for me. I have baby coupons to trade or others, just ask!

2- Canning! I've never canned, my mom has never canned, so I have no clue anything about it. It seems to be good to do, but I have no clue if it is feasible for a girl like me. What do I need to get started, what do I do? I have all sorts of questions!

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CarolinaDreamz said...

What do you want to can?

I used to do a lot more canning than I do today, but now I mostly can jams. They are easy with a water bath approach.

Did you find help with the coupon printing? I can help you, there, too.

Email me. Heidi @ CarolinaDreamz dot com

Oh, btw, I'm Heidi. *giggle* I'm a mom to teens, trying to return to the frugal life that I once led. I'm new to everything I'm finding in blogs.. especially menu planning, again. ugh ugh

Love your blog.