Friday, May 23, 2008


Last night was grocery shopping and it was great!
We spent $57 on food and saved $60! I normally try and keep groceries around $40 for the week, but hubby needed lunch items and we should be stocked for a couple weeks. At first glance Meijer didn't have many great sales but I had coupons for many of their sale items which netted great results.

Remember that Walgreens has a $5 off $20 coupon out today! Just a note: the total after Walgreen coupons has to still be $20, but it can be less than $20 after manufacturer coupons. I learned this the hard way the last time I had one of those coupons.


Michelle at Bargains 4 Detroit & Beyond said...

There's one for this week too! $10 off $30. I don't know the link off hand, but there are a bunch of blogs linking to it (including mine) or you can always do a websearch.

I'm trying to resist the temptation. I mean, I bought $185 worth of stuff for $35 last week, but it's still $35 spent, you know?

Andrea said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my fat burnin' this week. Wow, you're running a 10k! That's amazing. I was thinking of doing a 5k, and I'm suuuper slow too but all that matters is that we're moving!

I'd love a running partner - mostly so people who I run by don't think I'm nuts when I'm singing really loud to myself...I do and they do stare :-)

Hil'Lesha said...

Awesome! :)